Fighting in Afghanistan Never Works

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I like to talk about war and conflict in history.  This blog post will do just that.  In late December, 1979, the USSR began conducting military operations in the socialist republic of Afghanistan, responding to an Afghani call for aid.  The goal of these operations were to stabilize […]


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Rain Makes Corn

One of Khrushchev’s primary goals upon taking control was to find a better source of fodder for the Soviet Union  To achieve this, Khrushchev looked towards America and their corn industry.  Khrushchev saw how well corn worked as a feed crop for America and began to popularize it in his own country.  The USSR went crazy […]

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A Long Way Home

At the end of the Great Patriotic War, the USSR found itself faced with a problem that still plagues countries today.  The problem of what to do with all your veterans.  These men and women have just faithfully gone to hell and back for the country and now they are in need of jobs and […]

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The Not So Great Terror

  The red in the Soviet flag is supposed to symbolize the blood spilled by the peasants and workers in the 1917 revolution.  Ironically, these same people continued to spill their blood through out the entire lifetime of the USSR through various purges, wars, and famines.  The first of these numerous purges (and there will […]

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Order No. 1

Russia has always had a massive army.  It currently has about 1,000,000 active members with another 2.5 million in reserve.  Back during the February Revolution, however,  it was even bigger.  The Imperial Russian Army was roughly seven and a half million strong in 1917, most of whom were peasants.  This huge organization underwent massive changes […]

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Kazakhs on the Move

When you think of Russians, what do you think of?  Large, burly men named Ivan that drink vodka all day?  While there are undoubtedly men named Ivan in Russia that drink vodka, there are many more ‘types’ of Russians,  many different ethnic groups make up Russia. This is especially true for the time leading up […]

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